Import MP3 Files to Sermon Manager

Uses Sermon Manager Import with date set to use the “Comments” field

ID3v2 tags

Enter the information in the MP3 file with AudacityiTunesWindows Media Player, or VLC prior to uploading.

  • Audacity, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and VLC can handle all the tags below.

Title: sermon title
Comments: date (entered like 2014-07-06 PM)
Artist: preacher
Album: sermon series
Genre: sermon topic
Composer: Bible passage

Audacity Chain Settings

These chain settings (found under File > Edit Chains…) will even out the high- and low-volume sections of the selected audio, and then amplifies the entire selection to the maximum possible volume.

Audacity Chain settings
Audacity Chain settings

To use the chain, select some audio and choose File > Apply Chain… and then choose this chain. It will show you several status windows as it performs the actions.

MP3 Encoding Settings

How much you compress your sermons dictates how long they will take to upload/download and how good they will sound. Compressing them more will take less time to upload/download, but they will not sound as good. Below is a screenshot of my recommended settings for sermons. The screenshot is from iTunes, but you can set other programs with the same settings.